This is a guest post from Paul Farmer from Mentoris.

If you think you want to buy a property then start today… as waiting until tomorrow is only going to make the process harder.

This might sound a little aggressive to some, yet it’s all in the way that you look at it. At Mentoris, we help you see the potential for getting the outcomes you want… even when you may not yet see them yourself.

When considering buying a property many challenges generally come up that we will have to deal with:

  • Fear
  • Overwhelm
  • Stress
  • Indecision
  • Commitment

These all contribute in their own way to preventing or delaying our decision to start the process of investing in that home you so dearly want to live in.

So, what causes these challenges to appear? When we first look at purchasing property, we set out without a plan in mind… like jumping in the car, knowing roughly where we want to go but not planning the route to get there. Often it starts with a desire to not pay rent or to create and make your own home for your family and we go from there.

Here is a process that will help add some structure to your decision:

  • Why – start out getting very clear on why you want to invest in property.
  • Goals – set yourself very clear goals and timelines for achieving these. This will help you get and maintain momentum towards making this happen.
  • Process – get clear on the processes required to make the purchase happen. Getting a deposit together, arranging finance, looking for a property, buying the property, settlement of the property and moving in…. these all have their own processes and timelines so get clear on these. Setting yourself targets for each of the steps and achieving them is key to keep you on track.
  • Take Action – by overthinking all the options and requirements, we become overwhelmed with all that needs to be done and we end up doing nothing. By taking small steps you remove the overwhelm as you are making progress. By staying focussed on your desired outcome, you are able to keep creating the steps to get there.
  • People – generally we think we are the only ones involved in making these decisions. This is a common misconception, as there are a number of people who you need to have involved. Choosing to have trusted people involved is key. Surrounding yourself with friends and family, finance broker, real estate agent or buyer’s agent and solicitors who will give you quality support and advise will help you and your decision-making process.

So, what does this all mean?

Start the process today. Finding out where you stand and what your expectations are allows you to set a plan to go forward. Put some structure around this plan and check in regularly on how you are going. Take action to make things happen and always keep your eyes on the Outcome you want… It is much easier to jump the hurdles when you are looking at the finishing line. By adding this structure, you will create more certainty and be positioned to make more quality decisions.

Mentoris is a business focussed on helping you deliver outcomes. With 20+ years in the Finance industry both in Australia and the UK, Paul brings curiosity and the ability to think outside the square to identify options and pathways, opening up previously unconsidered options.

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Cheers and here’s to you starting your journey today !

Paul Farmer