Shopping around for the best mortgage is time consuming and stressful. With dozens of lenders and hundreds of products available, navigating your way through them can seem impossible.

Mortgage Planners have access to a wide range of lenders and can use their intimate knowledge of the industry to compare products and match them to your needs.

Why should I use Union Shopper Mortgage Planners?

Union Shopper Mortgage Planners is one of the many services offered by Union Shopper exclusively to union members. For nearly forty years Union Shopper has been working hard for members to source fantastic deals and provide helpful professional services.

Union Shopper Mortgage Planners is a free service for members. Our friendly and personal approach places your needs first and takes the time and stress out of mortgage shopping.

With market conditions, mortgage products and your own circumstances always changing it is important to regularly check whether your mortgage is the best for your needs. We are available all year round to perform a free Home Loan Health Check to ensure you are getting the best value from your current lender.